Saturday, April 10, 2010

I call my mom to see how she's doing...

"What's up mom, how are you?"

"Oh, you're dad and I are at the dealership buying a new car", she says so casually.

My parents hardly do anything random, especially with a lot of money, such as buying a car. So I was quite shocked. Especially with how calm she said it.

"Um...Ok!? For you? You guys are buying a car?"

"Yeah! I was going to wait to tell you, but since you called at the right moment... I am buying a new car and will be giving you my car, the Monte Carlo"

"Holy Shit!!! You're not kidding! Happy early birthday to me! Thanks Mom! Thank you, Thank You, Thank You so much!"

My birthday is coming up this month, April 25th. So I guess I got a car for my birthday! Definitely wasn't expecting that! What a great surprise!!! I still can't believe it! My car has been overheating lately and I've been worried about taking it on road trips, so this is perfect. Although, I will miss it a lot. That's my car! I've had my little old '97 Chevy Cavalier for over 10 years! But those have been some tough years and the poor girl is tired. My mom's Monte Carlo is in a lot better condition. I will feel a lot safer in it and I will be able to start traveling again! Woohooo!

London and I have plans to drive to L.A. next month and now we will have a reliable car! Between my Cavalier and her Mustang, I was worried we were going to have to pay out for a rental car for the trip. But my mom has saved the day and provided us with a nice reliable car for our trip. Hells YES! Now it's time to start planning for California...

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