Friday, March 27, 2009

It has been one year since I first started modeling. It's crazy to think that a little over a year ago, if you had told me I was going to be a model, I would ask what kind of hallucinogen you were on. I never saw myself as a model! But now, I can't see myself doing anything else. Last weekend while having dinner with my parents, my mom pulled out the old family photos to show my new boyfriend. Wow, I was such a ham! There are so many pictures of me growing up where I am just a huge cheese for the camera! It's no surprise that child grew up to work behind one!

This past year I have had many wonderful experiences and learned a lot about myself. It's nice to sit back and reflect on it...

Since modeling, I have traveled to 10 states I've never been to before, explored several new cities, met tons of wonderful people, learned numerous things about people, traveling, photography, makeup, & modeling, taken beautiful photos, heard crazy stories, I've challenged myself in ways I never expected to and I've become extremely passionate about what I do!

The first time I modeled, I attended a small shootout event at Harker's Creek in my hometown of Tucson, AZ. There were about a dozen models and a dozen photographers gathered together in an place set up like an old western movie set. The models rotated around all day shooting with the various photographers in exchange for photos. I thought it would be one day of fun and a way to challenge myself to do something out of the ordinary. I thought it would help boost my confidence and I heck, I love pictures, so I've gotta enjoy it.

I remember being so nervous that day. But I rocked it out! Many photographers were asking me what my Model Mayhem and One Model Place profile numbers were. I had no idea what these sites were... When I got pictures back from that event I created profiles on these sites. Within a few days I had a couple of requests for paid jobs! Now this was exciting =)

When I discovered that modeling could be my ticket to travel the country, I fell in love with the job! I've met several models that travel the country and do this as their full-time job. I'm so excited to be one of them! It all started when I joined the girl that took it to the extreme and traveled the country non-stop for two years, Ms. London Andrews. I tagged along on her road trip last summer...which is a great story I'll have to save for another time.

After traveling the country with London, I realized I really love what I do. And I really admire what she did, fully lived the life of a modeling gypsy. No real home but the open road. Crashing in a different home, a different city every few nights...not ever really sure what the next day could hold... sharing some of that experience with her was a kind of freedom I never felt before, she is a friend I never expected to find but am so thrilled that I did. I was at peace with who I was and where I was, unlike I ever had been before. I was happy. I still am. Modeling, traveling, beauty, art, people, life, love, laughter...all good stuff!

So...back to where my story began. One year ago I discovered modeling. My new career began with a photo shoot here in Tucson, AZ at a old western set called Harker's Creek. A few days ago I shot there again with a photographer that was traveling to Arizona from back east for vacation. He was very excited to shoot the "old west" stuff and stated to me in an email that he was looking forward to the "yeehaw" fun! This made me very excited. Most photographers around here are tired and bored of the western theme, so it was nice to shoot with someone who was super excited about it. The shoot was a lot of fun. He just got so excited over the saloon, the jail, and the old graveyard. I thought it was a nice way to celebrate my one year modeling anniversary!

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