Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm starting a workout video. Right now. Well, once I finish this blog I'll be gettin' my workout on! Which is a really good thing. I've gotta get back into shape! These past two weeks I've been pretty depressed with everything that has happened. Which has lead to a lot of sleeping, laziness and lots of fast food, cookie and ice cream eating. But I'm starting to feel much better so it's time to start looking better. That's my plan anyway.

I always feel better once I get started working out. It's just getting started that is so hard. But I've got extra motivation now. I got invited out to L.A. next week with Sleeperkids World for a week of working, relaxation and fun. I'm a little nervous to go, I haven't been around people lately and I've been so sad. Plus, I feel so out of shape and don't have much confidence to work right now. However, a trip to L.A. with some good friends and a little work seems to be just what I need to help me get back to my happy cheery self again. If I workout everyday this week and don't pig out on the goodies, I'll feel better and be more confident to go. Plus, I am really excited to see my friends and have a good time! So, here it goes...workout plan: day 1, begin!

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