Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stories and legends are told about the great monuments in India. India has a vast culture, interesting facts and the revelations are marvelous. As one looks at the beauty of Taj Mahal, we can just see the love Emperor Shah Jahan had for his wife. The work of Ustad Isa Khan, the architect who designed this piece is exquisite. This is surely one of the best heritage sites in India.

Down south is the Meenakshi Sundareshwar temple which bears the Shiv linga which was worshipped by Lord Indra to absolve him from sin. The Meenakshi Sundareshwar temple is a granite form and has twelve gopuras. Gopuras are the traditional architectural towers in the south of India. There are several shrines with the primary two shrines of the main Shiva and Parvathy.

The Nagara architecture is well seen in the Khajuraho temples. The works are in rough granite and depict a lot of tradition. This represent the pictures of Gods and Goddesses. The beauty of apsaras and deities is well seen in the carvings. The interior is well designed to allow air and light and this is certainly a tourists must-visit place.

The churches in Goa are spell bounding with their masterpiece works. The façade, interiors, dome shaped ceiling, painted windows are a treat to ones eyes. The Portuguese churches are again typical in their setting. St Francis of Asisi, Chapel of St. Cahterine, Church of lady of Rosary and Basilica of Bom Jesus are some of the masterpieces. The Ajanta and Ellora caves are set in Aurangabad which are thirty in number. Most heritage sites are a result of accidental discovery and this too was found by a group of British people who were on a hunting expedition. There is a prayer hall, monastery which strongly suggest Buddhist culture in the Ajanta caves. The Ellora again shows the traces of Jain, Buddhist and Brahman religions.

The Agra fort over the banks of Yamuna is another great place. The red stone colour is unique with the grandeur effect of architecture. Fatehpur Sikri was at its peak during the administration of Akbar. The tomb of Saint Sheik S Chisti, Jama Masjid, Bulund Darwaza are some of the monuments that are famous hers. The Konark temple, Hampi, Qutab Minar are other famous monuments in India.

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