Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tour the Lotus Temple located atop a hill in Kalkaji, Delhi, India and discover a peaceful world in the midst of bustling Delhi with India Travel Portal. The construction of the Lotus Temple, popularly known as the Bahai Temple came to an end in the year 1986. Built of marble blocks, the Lotus temple is an architectural marvel built in the shape of a white lotus in half bloom. Set in the midst of acres of lush lawns, the Lotus Temple mirrors the concept of peace and all the values that are so integral to the Bahai sect. The 27 massive lotus petals lie at the confluence of nine pathways and pools reflecting the Bahai tradition that there are but nine ways to reach God. The doors of the Lotus Temple welcome people from all faiths, creeds, religions and faiths in keeping with the tradition of secularism. There are several buildings located close to the Lotus Temple that engage members of the Bahai sect who serve the poor and the infirm. The massive hall located inside the Lotus Temple in Delhi offers a peaceful prayer sanctuary where you can sit and meditate in pin drop silence. Bahaism believes in the 'equality and universality' of all faiths and religions.

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