Saturday, March 20, 2010

I had a great time in L.A. last month with SKW! Stayed at a great place in the Pacific Palisades with wonderful friends and a great host. Each night was full of laughs, hugs, drinks, food, fun, pictures and of course, some wrestling. Had to get some work done too. It couldn't be all play and no work ;)

One night we went to Moonshadows for drinks and dessert.
It is a wonderful restaurant off of the PCH in Malibu and right down the street from where we were staying. It is such a great place! The patio is lined with couches to lounge on and the shore is lit up real nice so you can look out and see the waves crash into the sand. It was so peaceful and a beautiful place to hang out. We enjoyed drinks and dessert while sharing jokes and stories, looking out at the ocean...the waves crashing in on the shore and then retreating back to the darkness. It was so beautiful, I probably could've fallen asleep there and listened to the waves all night. There were portable heaters outside by the couches so I was real cozy. I would recommend visiting this place if you're in going to be in Malibu. I'm really looking forward to hanging out there again.

Later in the week I got to work with some local models of L.A. I haven't shot with before: Paris Kennedy, Natalie Minx, Mina Meow, Diana Knight and Cali Logan. We held one big wrestling shoot at the house we were staying at and had a great time knocking each other out SKW style!

After the shoot we went out to a wonderful Italian restaurant where I dove into the variety of delicious bread that was laid out across the table. I think we all did. It was so good! I have a strong weakness against fresh baked bread, especially if you through in some oil and vinegar. Oh, so good! It was a great restaurant and they did a great job handling our huge, loud party.

We had fun conversations about medical marijuana and weed lolipops, I admired Paris' colorful tattoos across from me at the table, I enjoyed a delicious plate of calamari and I definitely lost count of the bottles of Peroni I thoroughly enjoyed sipping on. I don't know if it's just the Italian in me, but I sure do love that beer. Not sure how much trouble this could get me in, but I just discovered a greek restaranut down the street from my house that has Peroni on tap and they have great happy hour specials! So excited =) Anyway...I had a great time at dinner that night and really enjoyed being able to spend more time with the L.A. ladies. I'm looking forward to crossing paths with them again and getting to know them a little more.

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