Monday, March 22, 2010

While in L.A. last month I spent a day on Venice Beach with with SKW crew. We enjoyed margaritas at the Mexican restaurant at the end of the pier and had fun trying on a bunch of silly sunglasses and riding the kiddie rides that cost a quarter, you know...the ones that are animals or rocket ships and they move back and forth real slow, maybe vibrate a little if you're lucky ;)

It was such a beautiful day and I really enjoyed looking out at the ocean, the waves, the beach, the seagulls...

We rode the roller coaster on the pier! It wasn't the greatest of thrill rides, but you get to ride it twice and see an amazing view of the shoreline! It was gorgeous :)

Got to see break dancing group do a street performance. They were so talented! It was inspiring. We continued along the beach and browsed along the shore shops full of cool jewelry, t-shirts, sunglasses, etc. Fun beach junk I want, but don't really need. I did a good job at not buying anything though, go me!

A great surprise was the number of medical marijuana shops there were. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing so many! Every other shop was one! I could just buy a license right there, walk into a shop and buy all the cannibis I wanted, totally legit. How exciting! Since I was only in L.A. for another day I didn't buy a license, but I think that will be something I'll have to do on my next trip out :)

After checking out a tattoo/piercing shop, Kimi decided it was time for her to get a piercing she'd been wanting. She wanted to get her clit pierced and she wanted to do right then! Holy shit, did I think that girl was crazy! She said that if she waited until she went back to Atlanta, she wouldn't do it. It had to be in L.A. How crazy! What an exciting day!

We browsed through the book of piercings and stared at the clit piercings for a long time, giggling and dancing around like middle school girls talking about their first kiss. The piercings looked pretty and I thought about how nice it would be to have one. But it wouldn't be worth the pain for me. I'm such a sissy! Kimi has a higher pain tolerance, but she got so nervous and I was there nervous for her. There was a lot of debating going on whether she should really do it.

Then Jan came out and talked to us. She was the piercer and was super nice, real down to Earth. She made me feel comfortable instantly and I trusted what she said. She explained that a clit piercing is one of the easiest piercings to get and isn't really that painful. You're actually piercing the hood of skin above the clit which doesn't have much feeling. It's a quick prick, short pain while the needle goes through, and then its over. No more pain. No bleeding, no swelling, no redness, no painful cleansing, no soreness, nothing. A quick pinch and you're done. Piercing your ears actually hurts more she tells us.

No shit! I couldn't believe this. I really expected it to be way more invasive and painful than that. I mentioned I had my belly button pierced and Jan said that if I could do that, I could pierce my hood no problem. It would be a similar pinch, like my belly button, but the pain will go away instantly, as to where a belly button will be sore/painful for a few days. I was convinced that Kimi had to do this now and was starting to think about getting one myself. But before any decisions were made, we told Jan we'd be right back and took off to find a bar...

Once we had a drink I looked at Kimi and said, OK! I'll do it too! Then Devon looked over and said she was in also. So the three of us went back to Jan and we all got the piercing. CRAZINESS! I can't believe I just up and did that. But I am so happy I did! It only hurt for an instant and didn't give me any pain or problems. It feels great and looks beautiful. It's as if it always belonged there :)

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