Saturday, June 20, 2009

When I’m home I work with FemWrestlingRooms based in Phoenix, AZ. I get together with other girls, we put on bikinis and we wrestle, box, or do silly cat fighting things for photos and video. It’s usually very cheesy and very fun to do. I cross my eyes well when I get knocked out or put in a sleeper hold and the fans seem to love it. I’m always getting requests for custom videos because I do this so well! Working for this site is so much fun! Rick, the producer of the site is a great guy to work with and the girls are a lot of fun to be around. I always look forward to our shoots together!

Sleeper Kids World is a similar site based in Atlanta, GA that has been around for a long time. Sleeper Kid and a few of his wrestlers came to Phoenix and rented out a huge presidential suite at a hotel for us to work in. This place was huge! It had an awesome balcony that wrapped all the way around the hotel. You could see the whole city! It was a lot of fun to work there. If you can call it work….we were having way to much! After the shoot Sleeper Kid treated all of us to dinner and a few glasses of Kiltlifter! Mmmmmm, Kiltlifter… of the best beers ever and it’s brewed right in Tempe, AZ by Four Peaks Brewery! I’m glad these guys from the south enjoyed coming to Phoenix for the beer :)

I hope to meet up with SK and his hot wrestlers in NYC next month. If not, I’ll definitely be seeing them in August at Fetishcon! Yay, Fetishcon! I’m so excite to see everyone!

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