Monday, June 29, 2009

My baby kitty, Marilyn is no longer a kitten. She’s pretty much a full grown cat now. It’s very sad to me because she’s been my little baby. It’s been really funny watching her grow though. First her body got very long. She had this tiny head and short legs, with a long body. She was always stretching up along the doorways looking very long and tall. Finally her legs grew and she became taller. But her head still has some catching up to do. She’s a cat with a tiny baby face!

She’s the best cat ever, I love her so much. Not to take away love from my other two, Saki & Orion…but she’s the only girl, and the baby. How can she not be spoiled!? She’s also not your typical cat. She’s more dog-like. She growls when someone comes to the door, loves her belly rubbed and she plays fetch! That’s right! No silly finger chasing or feathers…just throw the ball. Every morning she brings me her ball and wants to run after it all over the house. She loves that game and I love playing with her. Ohhhh, I love my little baby face! Please stop growing up…I want you little and cute forever. She was the cutest kitten ever made :)

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