Wednesday, November 24, 2010

¿Los conoces?
¿Do you recognize they?

¡Acertaste! Son Eduardo Benavente [DEP] y Ana Curra, miembros de bandas post-punk como Parálisis Permanente y Alaska y los Pegamoides. En este breve vídeo, sacado de un programa antiguo (en los años 80), hablan de su pelo. Como es visible, aunque en ése momento aún formaban parte de Alaska y los Pegamoides ya llevaban un look siniestro.

¡OK! They are Eduardo Benavente [RIP] and Ana Curra, the members of post-punk spanish bands like Parálisis Permanente and Alaska y los Pegamoides. In this short video, which are extracted for a old TV program (in the 80's), they talk about their hair. How is visible, in this moment they were members of Alaska y los Pegamoides but they wore a trad goth look.

Traduction of the video:

InterviewerCan you tell me how many time  it takes you go like that in hairdresser's?
Ana: The hairdresser's....but domestic because I do it myself.
I: How you do it?
A: I do it at home...I backcomb my hair, I do a tease of these and later I use the hairspray and then I go out. 10 minutes.
I: How long?
A: 10 minutes (she smile)
I: Eduardo, in Pegamoides too, when you go at the street what say the people?
Eduardo: A lot of things...
I: For example?
E: Well...Here goes a Pegamoide!

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